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The Importance of Executive Functioning Skills with Early Learners

According to the National Institute for Early Education Research, there is a growing body of research that Executive Functioning (EF) skills are critical to implement in the home and classroom environments. Times have changed and increased academic demands on students have created the need to rely on strategies to help children plan, initiate, and organize […]

How To Set Up A Home Literacy Environment

Here are eight excellent strategies proven to motivate your early learner. These strategies can be implemented at home. TIP 1: Evaluate which part of your home you would like designate as your “literacy center” and supply this area with developmentally appropriate materials and books your child can access independently at their leisure or with your adult […]

8 Things Your Pre-Kindergartener Should Know

We all know pre-kindergarten literacy programs can help promote a secure foundation to literacy learning. Here at Kinder Ready™, we wanted to take it a step further, to give you the inside information on what early learners will be exposed to through our individualized one-on-one sessions or summer camp. Explicit Instruction & Independent Practice: Our teachers’ […]